Artistic Team

Chris Belluscio – Personnel Manager
Emily Dahl Irons – Librarian

Sarah Paysnick, Treasurer
Julia Mintzer, Operatic Advisor

Chris Belluscio - Personnel Manager

Chris Belluscio, principal trumpet, performs on an ever-expanding array of brasswinds, from natural trumpet, English slide trumpet, stopped trumpet, keyed bugle, and keyed trumpet to every conceivable valve variant. When not testing his own patience (and those of his neighbors) practicing these he can be found handling all manners personnel related for Grand Harmonie. In the few remaining hours he has in the day he will often be looking for the latest addition to his instrument collection or watching old movies.

Emily Dahl Irons

Emily Dahl Irons (violin) does not play a classical wind instrument, but as concertmaster of Grand Harmonie she lends her “warm and shaded” sound to the strings (while coordinating with the likes of the ophicleide and other instrumental oddities of the nineteenth century). Her enthusiasm for original instruments may have its roots in her childhood obsession with Laura Ingalls Wilder. Ask her about it after the concert, once she’s finished keeping all the wind players in line!

Julia Mintzer - Operatic Advisor

Winner of the National Opera Association’s 2017 Directing Fellowship, Julia recently staged Fidelio at Princeton University with Grand Harmonie and La Bohème for Metrowest Opera. Her interactive theater piece Pizza Parlance was listed in Nombre Art Magazine’s “5 Must-Sees of Venice Biennale” and she has directed and developed new works at the Helsinki Festival and Cornell University. Julia has performed leading roles at Die Semperoper Dresden, Washington National Opera, and Glimmerglass Opera.

Sarah Paysnick - Treasurer

Sarah Paysnick, principal flutist, loves the variety of roles she plays with Grand Harmonie. Whether it’s tracking income and expenses, making sure we’re squared away with all government offices as Treasurer, or programming a concert set as a musician, she enjoys being part of the team. And of course, the best team work is done in rehearsals and concerts making music with wonderful colleagues who are also friends. When not making music or doing administrative work for Grand Harmonie, Sarah can be found stargazing, baking delicious bread or cookies, or making ice cream.